Questions raised over fenced off caravan park

THe fencing off of The Caravan Club’s park at the Lochside Caravan Park came in for some criticism at last month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council.

During a discussion about the club’s extension to its lease, community councillor Freda Napier questioned why the site could be fenced off, with a gate into the park near the lochside play park being locked.

She spoke of an encounter she had when visiting the area where she was told the site was “private”, whereas in fact it is on Common Good land.

She said: “The club has put up a gate in the big fence. A man opened the gate and let me through but he then locked it and set a code. When he said it was private land I told him it was Common Good land.”

Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton stated she would ask law and admin. to clarify the position of Common Good land being fenced off, after concerns were expressed about what would happen at the Market Muir given plans for a new all-weather pitch on the Common Good land for Forfar Farmington Football Club and Forfar Athletic.

Community Councillor Joe Harkin spoke of instances where youngsters had gone up to use the Common Good land at the Market Muir for a “kick-about”, only to be told they were not allowed as a girls’ football team was training.

Commenting on the fence and the gate at the Lochside Caravan Park a spokesperson for The Caravan Club said: “The touring site’s perimeter fencing was erected by The Caravan Club in order to define the boundaries more effectively and actually replaced fencing which had been in position for a good many years. The gate replaces an earlier gate within the fence.”

When asked to clarify the legal situation with Common Good land a spokesperson for Angus Council said: “As the land is leased, the council, as landlord cannot insist that the gate is kept open.”