Pupils top in Euroquiz

From left: Sinead, Emily, Eubha and Amelia.
From left: Sinead, Emily, Eubha and Amelia.

A team of pupils from Whiteshills Primary School in Forfar will represent the county in the final of a national competition at the Scottish Paraliament.

The Sinead Bruce, Emily Morrison, Eubha Fraser and Amelia Winiarska came out top in the local heat of a Scotland-wide quiz on Europe which included seven other Angus schools.

Euroquiz was organised by the Scottish European Educational Trust, with the support of the European Parliament Office in the UK. Teams of four young people in Primary 6 completed questions ranging from languages to Lego and currency to culture.

Other participaing schools were Andover School from Brechin, Friockheim, Langland Primary from Forfar, Lochside Primary School from Montrose, Northmuir, Seaview Primary School from Moniefieth and Timmergreens from Arbroath.