Pupils get ready for chemistry festival

A TEAM from Forfar Academy joined up with other pupils from schools across Tayside, Fife and Grampian to take part in a chemistry challenge at the University of Dundee on Wednesday.

Forty-eight pupils from nine schools will participated in the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at the College of Life Science’s Carnelly Building in Dundee.

The pupils, all at the end of their S1 year, formed teams and took part in a series of tasks in an attempt to impress the panel of judges.

In the morning the teams took part in a competitive, hands-on, practical activity - The Salters’ Challenge’ entitled ‘There’s been a Murder!’ in which they had to use their analytical chemistry skills.

In the afternoon they competed in the ‘University Challenge’ in which they were required to combine Universal dyeing solution which changes colour at different pH values with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions to produce small samples of six different colours.

This was be followed by a ‘Chemical Magic Demonstration’ from CLS staff at the festival with students providing a helping hand.

The ended with a prize-giving at which all participants were given individual fun prizes and participation certificates.

Host of the event, Dr Liz Lakin, said:

“This is a fantastic chance to take part in fun chemistry activities and experiments and learn from students and staff here.

“Hopefully we will encourage the pupils to take up science as a career and may even see some of them back here as students in the not too distant future.”