Pupils from the class of 81 get together

The school reunion at the Strathmore Rugby Club.
The school reunion at the Strathmore Rugby Club.

Forfar Academy building in Taylor Street is 50 years old this year as are several of its ex-pupils.

Although the Academy building is scheduled for demolition, there’s a few years left in those pupils of the same vintage!

To celebrate their half century, a few organised a reunion and all the arrangements came to fruition on June 6 at Strathmore Rugby Club when the Class of 81 met up 34 years after leaving Forfar Academy.

Ex-classmates travelled from all parts of the UK to attend the event.

The furthest flung travellers were from the London area however others also travelled from the north of England and from a variety of places within Scotland.

The event was a huge success and the noise of all the conversations, as everyone got reacquainted, was almost deafening and could be heard at Graham Crescent as well as the other side of Forfar Loch!

Proceeds of about £500 from the sale of tickets and from special commemorative engraved shot glasses commissioned for the event will be shared with the Forfar Academy Purple Castle Products Young Enterprise Group and Radio Tay Cash for Kids.