Presentation night for Cadets

Forfar (Scots) Detachment of Angus and Dundee Battalion Army Cadet Force held a presentation recently in the Forfar Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland.

The presentation was organised by Detachment Commander Under Officer Paul Feltham along with Sergeant Instructor David Allan, previously both cadets.



It was held to acknowledge the achievements, training and hard work that the following cadets have put in during the past year and was observed by family and friends.

Also in attendance was Captain Sharon Gray, 2IC of A Coy who helped to present the awards.

The categories were: Best Section: Section 3, Section 1, Section 2

Best Sports: 1, L/Cpl S. Leslie; 2, L/Cpl C. Keith; 3, Cdt N. Leslie.

Most Improved Cadet: 1, L/Cpl A. Millar; 2, L/Cpl F. Steele; 3, Cdt N. Leslie.

Best Attendance: 1, L/Cpl S. Leslie; 2, L/Cpl C. Keith; 3, L/Cpl E. Morrison.

Top Cadet: 1, L/Cpl C. Keith; 2, L/Cpl E. Morrison; 3, L/Cpl J. Bennett.

Best Support: L/Cpl S. Leslie. Best Turnout: 1, L/Cpl E. Morrison; 2, L/CPL C. Keith, L/Cpl J. Bennett, L/Cpl D. Watson. 3, Cpl K. Smith.

Cadets’ Cadet: L/Cpl A. Millar. Det Sgt Cadet: L/Cpl C Keith. Det Com Cadet: Cpl C. Smith.

Cadet in the Community: Gold Award: L/Cpl Jessica Bennett, L/Cpl Cameron Keith, L/Cpl Shirley Anne Leslie, L/Cpl Emma Morrison, L/Cpl Kyle Morrison, Cpl Caitlin Smith, Cpl Kirsten Smith, L/Cpl Deanna Watson. Silver Award: L/Cpl Cameron Kilcoyne, L/Cpl Samantha Lawrenson, L/Cpl Andrew Millar, L/Cpl Fraser Steele, Cdt Adele Smith.

Promotions to Corporal: L/Cpl Cameron Keith, L/Cpl Andrew Millar, L/Cpl Samantha Lawrenson and L/Cpl Emma Morrison.

Since January 1, 2014, Forfar Scots is now part of Arras Company.

If you are 12 years old, in secondary education and would like to know more about the Army Cadet Force then you can contact HQ on 01382 533349 to find out more.

Interested adults are also invited to get in touch.