Positive feedback for employment support team

UNEMPLOYED Angus people are getting back into the workplace thanks to advice and support from a team of specialists based in Angus Council.

From their offices in Arbroath, the Towards Employment team (TET) are providing a one stop shop for local people interested in receiving advice and support to remove existing barriers to work, training, volunteering or education.

The team’s annual customer satisfaction survey has revealed that of the 239 clients helped back into work in 2011-12, all of them rated the support offered by TET as excellent, very good, or good.

The type of support received by clients included help with the transition from benefits to their first wage.

Help with travel costs, childcare advice, and help accessing training were also offered.

Of those surveyed and overwhelming 99.2% said the support from TET made a difference when looking for or when starting work.

Welcoming the survey results, Angus Council’s economic development spokesperson, Councillor Mairi Evans said: “The feedback from clients shows the positive impact the Towards Employment team is making to the lives of Angus people by offering a specialist and tailor-made service to enable them to get into the jobs market.

“In an ever-changing economic climate, it is important that the service continues to evolve, and suggestions received by clients on how the service can be enhanced will be taken on board as we strive to increase the opportunities available to local people.”

Comments received from clients included:

“Very fast turnaround - from point of contact all arranged within 24 hours. A helpful and much needed service for people going through a difficult time.”

“An invaluable service for people going back to work.”

“Without the support from TET I wouldn’t be in a job now - it really helped. My partner also received help from TET as both were made redundant at the same time. It was the right support at the right time.”

“Support provided was spot on, just what I needed.”

“Service provided was above and beyond the call of duty.”

“I couldn’t have afforded to take the job if it hadn’t been for Towards Employment Team. Found the signing on rules difficult at the Job Centre.”

“Absolutely fab team.”

“I couldn’t have done without the help from TET – I wouldn’t have a job without TET’s help.”

“The service I received was excellent and discrete.”