Scottish Conservatives launch Angus general election campaign

Kristene with the newly elected councillors
Kristene with the newly elected councillors

Scottish Conservative candidate Kirstene Hair has launched the party’s bid to win Angus on June 8 using last week’s council election results in the region as a springboard for further gains.

The party secured 13,741 on first preference votes, doubling its number of seats in the local authority area.

Kristene with Liam Kerr MSP

Kristene with Liam Kerr MSP

While the constituency boundaries for Westminster are slightly different, the Scottish Conservatives are keen to capitalise on the rise in support locally as the general election approaches.

Ms Hair also increased the party’s share of the vote by 15% in Angus South in the Scottish Parliament election last year.

As party leader Ruth Davidson launches the Scottish Conservative campaign for the general election in Edinburgh today (May 8), Ms Hair said she would be putting opposition to a second referendum at the heart of the local constituency battle in Angus.

She continued: “Last week’s election result provides a great springboard for the general election here in Angus. The Scottish Conservatives showed that we are the only party that can beat the SNP.

“Our council candidates secured more first preference votes than the Nationalists across Angus and we did so with a strong message to oppose a second referendum and fight for local services.

“People are fed up hearing about independence and they want to see the SNP get on with the job of governing and focus on priorities like the NHS, schools and the economy.

“Angus needs a UK parliamentary representative at the heart of government in Westminster, not one shouting from the sidelines in opposition.

“I will be that strong local voice who will stand up for people in this area – and I look forward to the campaign over the coming weeks.”