Rents set to rise by 7.2%

Council house tenants in Angus will face a rent increase of 7.2%.

The hike means that the weekly rent price will rise by £3.59 to £53.49.

Council officials claim that rents will remain among the lowest in Scotland and will help fund 100 new council homes.

The increase is the lowest of three options which will be discussed at a council meeting on Wednesday night (tonight).

In the report to be presented to the committee, tenants groups were praised for their level of involvement in determining this year’s rise.

However, of the number of questionnaires which were sent out to all council houses only 16 per cent were returned.

The report states: “A significant amount of time and effort is invested by the council’s tenants in the rent setting process and on a monthly basis, tenants have given up their time and gathered from across Angus to meet, discuss and sometimes argue over the best way forward.

“Angus Council can take pride in its tenants’ movement; we have a very knowledgeable tenants’ movement who are prepared to give up their valuable time to work with the council to shape the future housing investment strategy for Angus.

“This year has seen lively, and at times vocal, debate as the tenants have negotiated their recommended preferred rent increase of 7.2%”

The report also states: “This rent increase will continue to fund record levels of investment in Angus Council houses which will see the completion of the first 51 new council houses, and progress on site with a further 96.

“In addition, the council is currently working with developers to transform seven derelict sites across Angus into affordable housing for 77 families.”