MSP’s unease over penalties despite insurance

GRAEME DEY, MSP for Angus South, is concerned that his constituents are subsidising flood insurance on properties elsewhere in the UK.

This could be as much as £430 per home, per year.

The Scottish Government has called on UK ministers to strike a new deal with insurers to reflect the lower risk of flooding in Scotland, which continues to reduce with specialist schemes.

Insurers estimate that around one in four households in England are at risk of flooding (23.1 per cent), against around one in 20 in Scotland (4.5 per cent).

Riskier homes are cross-subsidised by those in safer areas, meaning that a “disproportionate share” of the premiums are paid by Scottish households, MSPs at Holyrood heard at a meeting of the Public Petitions Committee.

Mr Dey said: “Significant amounts of public money have already been spent by the Scottish Government and local authorities to reduce the flood risk to properties across the country.

“It is only right and proper that these households and businesses should expect their insurance premiums to change as a result.