Forfar election candidates have their say

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Ahead of the Scottish Local Elections on May 4, we have invited the Forfar candidates to have their say.

Glen Barclay - Lib Dem

Local councillors make decisions that impact everyone, but often it is young people who are affected most. It is vital that they have someone to represent them. I urge you, the electorate, to Think Young and vote Lib Dem. I joined the Liberal Democrats following the coalition government, having seen this was the party that made a difference. I want to go on making a difference. If elected, I want to increase community involvement in education. I particularly appreciate the role of local libraries in secondary education, as support for university candidates, like myself. I also want to make the local council a more attractive prospect to people of my age. Though I may not have years of experience behind me, I do have ambition, enthusiasm and energy. A vote for a young Lib Dem is a vote for a fresh outlook.

Colin Brown - Independent

Make Me your Choice in the Forfar & District Ward, in the forthcoming local Council Elections, as your independent Councillor. I have been your voice for the last 10 years. I sincerely hope I have served you, the people of Forfar, well and to the best of my ability. I have been available most days to the public at the Office at 5/7 The Cross, where many of you have come to see me with your complaints, observations, information, and compliments, or merely needing me to listen. Some of you had a cup of coffee on a cold day. I am asking each one of you to vote for me, your Independent Candidate. I do not have to follow any party lines or be told how to vote when deciding what is best for Forfar. Remember we are supporting Forfar within Angus Council. And will have no one telling us how to vote.

Braden Davy - Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party

Living in Forfar I’m committed to being a strong voice for our area, and standing up on the issues that matter to you. I currently work part time as an Office Manager, and I am in the Royal Navy Reserves training to be a Sub-Lieutenant. I’m also a keen student of languages, and I study Spanish & Chinese. The SNP have taken their eye off the ball as they push a second independence referendum. Our local services are being cut and council tax is sky rocketing. They’re even proposing closing Forfar’s recycling centre. Voting for me means you’ll get a candidate who will focus on the day job. Securing the future of our recycling and refuse facilities, opposing SNP council tax increases and budget cuts. Voting for me sends a strong message, that we want our politicians to do the job we elect them for, and we don’t want a second divisive independence referendum.

Lynne Devine - SNP

I’ve been a Councillor for Forfar and District for the last 5 years which have been enjoyable, very interesting and quite challenging.

In that time I’ve been Vice-Convener of Children and Learning where my teaching experience stood me in good stead and I was delighted to be involved in the new schools programme. In the last year,

I’ve also been Spokesperson for Economic Development where my past business experience helped me to understand the needs of businesses; also the need for apprenticeships and meaningful work experience for our young people. With decreasing budgets, it’s essential that as Councillors we work closely with groups in the community to take decisions on how they think money should be spent.

I really want to see more social enterprises starting up to increase job opportunities for people in their own communities.

Ed McAdam - Scottish Labour

My name is Ed McAdam and have owned a house in Angus for the past 8 years moving in 4 years ago after taking early retirement from BT, having worked there for 42 years.

My wife and I moved from Northern Ireland to be closer to our grandchildren. During my career with BT I was a member of the CWU and held various offices in the union. I then joined Prospect and was chairperson of the Northern Ireland Branch for several years. Currently I am a member of the CWU. If I am elected in Forfar I will oppose cuts to home helps, community centres, schools, special needs, street cleaning and other services that the majority of us rely upon. Education and Mental Health will be my priorities. I want to ensure that classrooms of 18 are introduced as soon as practical. Vote for me to protect services.

Ian McLaren - Independent

It has been a privilege to represent the people of Forfar and District for the last five years as an independent councillor. I have worked and lived in the Forfar area all my life.

I have owned and run a successful hairdressing business in the town for over forty years and in this time I believe I have gained an understanding of the many concerns and challenges facing local people living in and around the area. I would continue working towards supporting and encouraging road repairs, protecting existing sheltered housing services and maintaining the provision of local bus services. I would also offer my support to local businesses and sport facilities. Another of my main concerns is recycling and litter prevention. Having a truly genuine interest in our local community, with your support, I will endeavour to continue improving and maintaining this enjoyable place to live and work.

Glennis Middleton - SNP

I have been an Angus councillor, representing the people of Forfar, for 22 years. It has been a hugely rewarding experience. I have a particular interest in health and social care and in the well-being of my community. In addition to my council duties, I also sit on the board of NHS Tayside and am vice-chair of the Scottish Local Government Forum against Poverty. I am also chair of Forfar Resource Store. I believe in fairness and equality for all. Democracy is an integral part of any civilized society and I believe is something to be treasured. Honesty and integrity are essential components of that. It is important to argue for what you believe in, but equally important to do so in a respectful way. Local government elections are about local democracy and the services we all use on a regular basis. I hope people use their vote.

Ian Whyte - Independent

I spend many hours every week doing things which benefit the Forfar community, and the more I get involved, the more I want to do.

My business experience before returning to Forfar a decade ago is very wide, and I believe my skills, conviction and work ethic would bring a zest to Council to help make changes for the better.

I have no time for petty party politics, preferring to (metaphorically) bang their heids together if either “side” are being obstinate just for the sake of it.

I stand, and stand up for, best value for money, decisions being made by those most affected, joined-up thinking, simplifying bureaucracy, listening to your problems and actively finding solutions, leaving no stone unturned.

Please read more at or email, call 07983 705183 or visit my pop-up office at 5 West High St., Forfar from 15th April.