Angus MP reflects on difficult week at Westminster

Angus MP Mike Weir has reflected on the recent events at Westminster in a video shared on his Facebook page.

Filmed speaking outside Arbroath Abbey, Mr Weir spoke of the emotional experience in Parliament yesterday (Thursday) as MPs held a minute’s silence, but he also reiterated that terrorism will not stop democracy in action.

Westminster'House of Commons

Westminster'House of Commons

During his video, he thanked constituents for their messages during and following the incident, saying: “They are very much appreciated. Myself and my staff are all safe after what happened.”

Me Weir continued: “It was tragic incident and thoughts are with the family of PC Keith Palmer who lost his life defending Parliament against this attack.

“The very fact that people of ten nationalities were killed or injured in this attack just shows how international a city London has become. But it also shows the dangers that everyone faces in a democracy.

“The attacker was prevented from getting into the building thanks to the quick response of the police, who tackled him as soon as he tried to get in the gate. Of course in the confusion it was not clear if other attackers were involved and police had to search through the building for some hours to make sure it was clear.

“Thoughts go out to the families of the police officers involved and also to the ambulance service who rushed to the incident not knowing what they were rushing in to, not knowing if there were other attackers and not knowing what might happen. Their bravery is absolutely exceptional.

“On the day following the attack we had a minute’s silence in Parliament for constable Palmer and all others who were injured or killed in the incident. It was a very emotional experience.

“The Prime Minister, putting politics aside, spoke for us all in a magnificent speech.

“But Parliament continues, and we made the point of sitting the next day to ensure that the message goes out clearly that terrorism will not stop our democracy in action. In fact, on Thursday I spoke in a speech on equitable life and the continuing injustice to the many people who lost money due to the government’s failure in regulation.

“Life goes on, and our democracy thrives in the face of terrorist attacks. We must all be on our guard and this incident shows us what can happen.”