A90 cameras welcomed by MSP

Average speed cameras
Average speed cameras

Plans to introduce average speed cameras on the A90 between Stonehaven and Dundee have been welcomed by Angus North and Mearns MSP Mairi Evans.

The move is designed to the make the road safer, with statistics showing that there has been 60 fatal and serious collisions on the route.

The system will go-live in the Autumn, replacing the existing fixed and mobile camera enforcement currently taking place on this section of the route.

Ms Evans said: “Average speed cameras have been deployed on a number of roads throughout Scotland in recent years and have proved successful in reducing the number of accidents.

“Making the roads safer has to be a priority and it is concerning that, according to statistics, 60% of drivers between Dundee and Stonehaven are speeding, with 20% of those travelling at excessive speeds of 10mph over the limit or more.”