Political debate in new Eassie hall

Eassie, Nevay and Kirkinch Community Association (ENKCA) ventures into a new area next week.

In advance of the forthcoming Scottish parliamentary election, candidates representing the four main parties will be at the hustings in the new Eassie and Nevay hall at Balkeerie, on Tuesday, April 26.

Hustings chairman John Duffy of Balkeerie, said: “This is a great event to have in the area and an opportunity to bring the wider community of Angus South into our new hall.

“The event will be an ideal opportunity for people in the area to meet the parties and to ask questions on the subjects that are important to them.

“The candidates of the four main parties will be present on the night. This is an ideal opportunity for local people to speak to the politicians and to put their questions to them.

“The night will work best if there is a good turn out from the community and a wide range of views are represented.  “The hustings is a very traditional form of election event where the candidates face direct questioning from the electorate.

“Prior to the days of televised debates, this was how politicians went about getting elected, by getting out into communities, speaking to people and taking part in this form of debate.”

For straight talking on current issues, the place to be is the Eassie and Nevay hall, Balkeerie next Tuesday evening at 7 pm.

There is no entry charge, refreshments will be available and everyone will be welcome.