Police warn youngsters to stay away from buildings

The fire at the former Strathmartine Hospital.
The fire at the former Strathmartine Hospital.

Local youngsters are risking their safety by breaking into derelict buildings, local police have said.

And parents have been warned to make sure they check on their children as nights become lighter and such activities become more attractive.

At Forfar Community Council’s last meeting, Constable Ali Smith said there have been several instances in the Forfar area recently.

He said: “We’ve had a few cases of kids going into disused buildings, which is particularly dangerous, so we’re asking parents to be aware of where their youngsters are. Very often while they’re out and about they don’t know what their kids are doing.

“These buildings are boarded up for a reason and they don’t know what’s behind the boards, it could be asbestos or anything.”

Constable Smith also referred to the recent fire at the former Strathmartine Hospital near Dundee which Graeme Nicoll from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed had been set deliberately.

Mr Nicoll said: “We’re also concerned about youths getting into old buildings and potentially setting a fire. There are some buildings in Forfar that are empty and easy for kids to break into.”

Isobel Ross, chairwoman, also added that the buildings’ owners would be held responsible for children gaining entry and in the event of any incidents.”