Police to tackle inappropriate driving and speeding

Tayside Police, along with their colleagues across Scotland, will have a focus on speeding and inappropriate driving this weekend in support of the ACPOS National Road Safety Campaign.

During the three-day campaign, which runs from 7 am on Friday to 7am on Monday, officers will seek to educate drivers and their passengers about the dangers of inappropriate driving and speeding, as well as enforcing the law.Other offences including seatbelt and mobile phone offences will also be dealt with as they too can have a devastating impact on road safety.

Tayside Police Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, Head of Roads Policing, said:

“With schools still on summer break this is an important and timely reminder to drivers that they must be aware of the increased numbers of children who will be on and about our roads.

“Drivers need to be alert at all times when children are around, as there is always the potential for them to step out or run into the road without warning.

“Summer weather seems to be in short supply just now, but the fairer weather will also bring out greater numbers of cyclists and walkers and the roads will be busier as a result.

“Hardier souls will also be out in the rain and can be more vulnerable due to reduced visibility caused by spray from surface water as well as the downpour.

“In urging drivers to drive according to the conditions, we also ask them to drive according to who and what is around them at any given time and reduce their speed accordingly. A speed limit is not a target to drive to at all times.”

Anyone who witnesses inappropriate driving, or has any information that could assist Tayside Police should call 0300 111 2222 or speak to any officer.