Police advice to motorcyclists

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As the sunnier weather comes along, more and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads, making the most of their weekends.

Police Scotland want to ensure that they do this safely.

Inspector Raymond Cuthill of Tayside Division Road’s Policing Unit said: “Officers will be patrolling popular routes this weekend and engaging with motorcyclists.

“Motorcycling is an excellent way to explore the country and we want riders to enjoy their time out and about and, more importantly, make it home safely.

“We would encourage riders to wear the appropriate protective clothing and to ride responsibly to keep themselves and other road users safe.

“It is equally important for all road users to take care and to look out for motorcyclists approaching, particularly when negotiating junctions. The vast majority of motorcycle casualties happen in rural areas, in good weather during the day, and over the summer months.

“Our main aim is to reduce the number of road deaths and make Scotland’s roads safer.”