“Playing politics”over Noranside

Angus MP Mike Weir has reacted angrily to comments made by Angus councillor David May in respect of Noranside Prison and accused him of “playing politics”.

Commenting on Mr May’s attack Mr Weir said: “John Swinney, MSP for the area, myself as MP and Nigel Don MSP have publicly stated our support for the campaign, as has been widely reported.

“Clearly Mr May has chosen to ignore this, or perhaps he doesn’t read the newspapers.

“We met with the prison officers from Noranside to discuss the situation and options immediately after the announcement from the Scottish Prison Service.

“On Friday we again met with representatives of the officers at Noranside and of the Prison Officers union to discuss the matter and are taking up our concerns with the Scottish Prison Service.

“As local representatives we are getting on with the job of trying to save the prison.

“Mr May and his Liberal Democrat colleagues on the other hand are playing politics and grandstanding in the press rather than actually doing anything positive.

“Indeed, such is his ignorance of the true situation that he has attacked Andrew Welsh MSP over the matter despite the fact that Noranside is not in Andrew’s constituency but in the North Tayside constituency of John Swinney.

“This is an elegant illustration of the Liberals political opportunism and lack of any appreciation of either the facts or the interests of the work-force at Noranside and the local community.

“Those employed at Noranside and the local community can be assured that John Swinney and I, as their local representative are fighting for the future of Noranside, not indulging in the petulant and inaccurate grand-standing of the Liberal Democrats.”