Plans to restore skatepark lights

HAVING been in the dark for the past two winters Kirriemuir’s skatepark is set to light up again.

Vandalism has robbed wheeled sports enthusiasts of the use of the Martin Park facility during the hours of darkness for close on three years.

But the local authority has come up with a solution which should see power restored by the end of April.

The good news was broken to members of Kirriemuir Community Council at their monthly meeting in Fairlie House last midweek.

Councillor Iain Gaul explained that excavation works will require to be carried out to enable the power supply to be controlled from within the nearby changing room facilities.

“That work is scheduled to begin at the beginning of April and should be completed by the end of the month.”

The councillor was also keen to get the message out that it was needless vandalism to the power supply that robbed kids of the playpark facility during the hours of darkness for the past two winters.

“The vandalism to the power supply was so serious that it could have blown out a power station. We are fortunate that people weren’t badly injured or killed. That is why it was not as simple as putting the power supply back in and leaving the control unit where it was.“

The plan is to relocate the control within the changing rooms, and that means some excavation work.

“I am waiting on an update on when works will get underway but hopefully the lighting will be restored by the end of April.”

Two young skateboarders attended the community council to hear the good news and Councillor Gaul stressed how important it is to get the message through to the vandals that it is they who are penalising the users of the skatepark.

“When the control box was first vandalised it was repaired, but then the vandalism was repeated. The delay in getting the lights fixed is not the fault of the council, which has to put people’s safety first.”

Councillor Ian Mackintosh said there was a lesson here for everyone.

“When vandals strike it is the users who are being penalised, because they are unable to use the facility.”

Community council chairman Roland Proctor said the young skateboarders were a credit to the community for working so hard to get the facility in Kirriemuir in the first place.

He urged them to continue to lead by example, by getting the message out that mindless vandalism can ruin things for other people.