Pierre’s petition bid to save adult scoliosis services

A Scoliosis Association United Kingdom trustee has launched a campaign to save adult scoliosis services in Scotland.

Pierre Bernard from Forfar has set up on on-line petition calling on the Scottish government to ensure that adult scoliosis provision in Scotland remains the responsibility of the national spinal deformity service and not general orthopaedic surgeons.

Pierre was involved in the review of the national spinal deformity service which was established by the National Services Division of the NHS.

One of the recommendations that was made as part of this review, was for the withdrawal of the adult service.

The withdrawal of this service would mean that an adult with scoliosis would be seen by a general orthopaedic surgeon instead of a scoliosis specialist.

During the review when this proposal was being discussed Pierre did warn that there may be a backlash from the public at the withdrawal of this service. The adult service was introduced in 2009 and it is envisaged that it will be withdrawn in 2012 if the Scottish government were to uphold the review group recommendations.

Pierre has been approached by Marjory Muir who campaigned for the introduction of this service with her concerns of it’s withdrawal.

Marjory said: “I campaigned to get the adult Scoliosis Service established and was delighted when it was introduced and I was so disappointed to hear that it is now to be withdrawn.

“This is an essential service for a very debilitating condition and I do not think it is fair that adults should be treated any different from children.”

The petition has gathered 80 signatures in its first few day and has also received the support of the Scoliosis Association United Kingdom which is a national charity that supports people with scoliosis.

Pierre said: This is a hugely important issue that must be brought to the attention of the public and that the removal of the adult service will create a two-tier system of treatment, where children are treated by specialists in scoliosis and adults are not. Surely no matter what your age you she be seen by a scoliosis specialist.”

If you would like to sign the petition please visit www.ipetitions.com/petition/adultscoliosis/