Pictish Arts society is global internet hit

The Pictish Arts Society is reaping the benefits of social media.
The Pictish Arts Society is reaping the benefits of social media.

Modern technology has met ancient history to bring world-wide recognition to an Angus heritage group.

The Pictish Arts Society created its own web page some time ago as well as a Facebook page and has recorded hits from as diverse locations as India, the United States and even Antarctica.

A society spokesman said: “We started our Facebook page with the aim of publicising our lecture series and picking up a few new members. Since then we’ve grown to a global audience of nearly 3,600. The most surprising thing is the number of overseas fans we’ve acquired. We have more fans in Istanbul than Inverness, more fans in Albequerque than Arbroath.”

Most of the society’s fans, 1,160 of them, are in the United States, while 784 are in the UK, 165 in Australia and 160 in India.

The spokesman added: “We even had a fan in Antarctica, at the research base. Some of our hotspots include Tehran and Mexico City and we typically reach around 6,000 people per week. Social Media has allowed our small society to extend its reach to a truly global audience. We use it to raise public awareness of early Scottish history and the Pictish stones and to encourage various arts inspired by the symbols and designs on them.”