Petition to save Noranside

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Members of the Scottish Prison Officers’ Association are asking members of the public to help them keep the prison open.

They plan to held an event at Forfar’s Cross on Saturday, January 5 to canvas support and where locals can sign a petition against the facility’s closure.

Several members of Angus Council, as well as Mike Weir and John Swinney, are expected to be in attendance.

Other members of the Prison Officers’ Association are expected to take the petition to Kirriemuir and Brechin.

The Scottish Prison Service announced its intention to close the open prison on December 15 last year. The decision has been challenges by the Prison Officers’ Association, with the case for retention receiving national backing.

The association is now running a national petition and putting forward a business case for the retention of Noranside.

They also plan to lobby parliament next week and will hand the petition to both the Scottish Prisons Service and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill, the following week.