Performance reaches ‘Fever’ pitch

Some of the pupils are pictured during their production of 'Fever!'.
Some of the pupils are pictured during their production of 'Fever!'.

Pupils at Southmuir Primary School found themselves in an unfamiliar aria recently when they teamed up with Scottish Opera.

The youngsters from P5, 6 and 7 were taking part in the opera company’s annual primary schools tour, which culminated in a performance of ‘Fever!’ by Alan Penman and Allan Dunn for fellow pupils, parents and teachers.

The show concerns a young boy who becomes ill with a mysterious disease and his doctors desperately try to find a cure. Meanwhile, members of the press rush to the hospital, clamouring for a big story. Is it a worldwide epidemic? All they care about is the scoop. As the doctors try to calm the situation, a possible cure is discovered and given to the boy, which is when the story really starts

The children received the music and lyrics from Scottish Opera and rehearsed for four weeks before Alan McKenzie, Greig Baxter and Lee Reynolds from the company put them through a dress rehearsal last week and supervised the performance.

Scottish Opera’s tour is one of its longest established and most popular education programmes with around 10,000 children accessing the performances each year.