Pathway to new career

Morna McLaren.
Morna McLaren.

A retirement housing manager has revealed how volunteering can lead to a successful career – using her own career as evidence.

Morna McLaren, who started at Kirkton Court in Kirriemuir as a volunteer and is now employed as Retirement Housing Manager, is encouraging others to give up their time to get involved with tenants.

After completing a Business Administration degree at Abertay University, Morna joined Kirkton Court as a Silver Surfer Tutor in 2007, helping tenants to use the internet and emails.

After making an impression as a volunteer Morna was asked to apply for a role as a casual worker where she worked for two years before being offered the position of relief manager. After displaying all the dedication Bield looks for in it staff, Morna was promoted to her current position in 2013.

Morna said: “When I started as a volunteer with Bield I had no idea it would lead to such a rewarding career. I really enjoyed my time as a Silver Surfer Tutor as I got to help tenants send emails to relatives, go on Google Earth to see where their families lived abroad, help them with online shopping and set up some Facebook accounts. It was great to see how much these things meant to the tenants. I got as much out of volunteering as they got from me being there.”

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