Pat hails knight of the realm

A Forfar pensioner has praised the kind-hearted actions of an honest local taxi driver, describing him as a “Knight of the Realm”.

Pat Adam got a visit at her Restenneth Drive home last Friday morning when the taxi driver asked her if she had lost her mobile phone.

The delighted grand-mother confessed she hadn’t realised she had mislaid it, but thanked him for taking the trouble to deliver it to her door.

Pat often uses the local taxi service from the town centre to help her home if she has shopping, and she had nothing but praise for all the drivers.

She said: “Credit where credit is due. The taxi driver explained he had been cleaning out his car and found the phone. I have pictures on the phone with me and my family and one of my grand-daughter’s graduation. He must have recognised me from that and brought the phone to me.

“I don’t use the phone very often and am always getting told off by my family about it, but it would have cost me about £80 to replace it.

“This lad was honest to come to the door with something I didn’t even know I had lost and he deserves a thank you.

“In this day and age there are not many knights of the realm going about. Folk are quick to moan and groan about the taxi service, with prices going up, but there are a few good-hearted people out there.

“I often get a taxi home from the town centre if I have shopping, and credit where credit is due.

“There are not enough knights of the realm on the road but this warrants a thank-you. The taxi drivers are all nice, I’ve never come across one yet who hasn’t been nice but I think this chap went beyond his duties.”