Parking spaces lost by containers

CONTRACTORS using space in a car park at Lordburn Place to store containers whilst improvement work was carried out has angered some residents who have hit out at the lack of notice from Angus Council.

The Dispatch was contacted by an “angry relative of a long time resident” who said contractors had dumped six big containers in the car park, without any notification to residents, three weeks before Christmas. Drivers trying to park their vehicles were asked to move on by the workmen and, to add insult to injury, the containers remained whilst the workmen were off for two weeks over the holidays.

Furthermore, a nearby car park at Lordburn, behind the houses which is rarely used, could have been used instead.

A spokesperson for Angus council said: “This area is not an official car park. It is ground that the council garages sit on, and as there is space for cars it is unofficially used by residents as a car park. The area in question was and is being used by the contractor, as it is the most suitable location for the transporting of equipment etc into the flats. We sent out letters to the blocks that were getting upgraded informing them of the arrangements, and in future will also inform occupiers of any garages affected as well.”