Parking is Police issue

The leader of Angus Council’s administration has slammed a comment made by Police Scotland that inconsiderate parking was “a council issue”.

Following our report in last week’s paper about parking chaos in Forfar, Councillor Iain Gaul stated the police spokesperson needed to get the facts right as, in fact, parking issues in Angus are a Police issue.

He said: “The police withdrew the warden service but we are still going through the process of decriminalising parking in Angus. We need to do that before it becomes a council issue and until such time as that happens parking is a police issue, not a council issue. The police should be taking appropriate action and not body-swerving things. They should not be passing the buck; it is their buck and they can keep it.

“I am well aware of parking issues throughout Angus; people just park willy-nilly. Inconsiderate drivers have always parked in disabled bays without a second thought for anybody else. They park with no consideration for other road users or the safety of other people. But it is not the council who should be dealing with it, I am not getting at the bobbies as those who are at fault are the idiots who are doing it.”