Over two hundred new homes for site at Wester Restenneth?

ANGUS Council may give the go ahead to plans for 209 new homes to be built on land at Wester Restenneth off the Montrose Road (writes Sarah McLean).

The proposed development site takes up an area of land amounting to around 17 hectares between the Old Brechin Road and the Montrose Road.

Included in the Guild Homes (Tayside) Ltd plan are two roads for vehicle access from Montrose Road, a SuDs area at the south of the site to the rear of existing Montrose Road housing and an open space to the north including a play area and a bus lay-by.

The applicants have proposed a mix of single, one and a half and two-storey homes with acoustic bunding and/or fencing along the eastern and northern site boundaries. They have also proposed a landscaping scheme to be implemented throughout the site including earthworks to leave the site with a steady fall from north east to south west.

Developers have applied for planning permission on this site previously including an application for a residential development refused on appeal in 2002.

Following a range of consultations Scottish Water, SEPA, The Head of Roads. The Head of Housing, The Director of Education and the Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection have no objections to be proposal providing certain conditions are met.

Conditions include an affordable housing provision, drainage, adequate SuDs conditions and the placement of bunding and acoustic fencing.

Despite the lack of objection five letters of representation have been received from four households regarding the proposal.

Issues raised in the letters include the interference with the operation of a septic tank which periodically needs to be remade, the smell of wet SuDs areas and the insects it may attract, the risk to human health imposed by contaminated land, an insufficient capacity at school and the idea that it would be premature to develop the site in advance of a new local development plan.

Letters also raised the issue that human rights might be affected.

The report stated: “The recommendation in this report for grant of planning permission, subject to conditions, has potential implications for neighbours in terms of alleged interference with privacy, home or family life and peaceful enjoyment of their possessions.”

Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, has recommended that the application should be approved should it meet the required conditions.

It should also correspond with the Section 75 agreement which states: “That 15% of the housing units formed on-site shall be provided as affordable housing as defined by Angus Council.”