Just when we started to think it was all over...

DARE YOU CLIMB THE STAIR: Our archive is not the most welcoming part of the building and the addition of some ghostly guests has done nothing to make it a better place to visit.
DARE YOU CLIMB THE STAIR: Our archive is not the most welcoming part of the building and the addition of some ghostly guests has done nothing to make it a better place to visit.

LAST October we brought you the story of our “haunted” office with a promise to update you on what has been happening.

Since moving into the current premises in late 2007, Dispatch staff have felt as if they are not the only ones occupying the old Post Office building on Castle Street.

Any paranormal activity seemed to be focused on the archive area towards the back of the building and most people have complained of feelings of uneasiness while spending time there.

Members of staff have reported feelings of being watched, cold spots, unexplained noises and at least four people have independently seen a shadowy figure on the first floor.

While it was previously thought the second floor had the most oppressive atmosphere a new development has shown that it is in fact the first floor which staff members should be worried about.

In March this year two members of staff uncovered hidden rooms. Accessed via double doors the room opens up into two separate chambers. Prior to moving the filing cabinet which had blocked off the double doors nobody was even aware that these rooms existed!

Coincidently it was when this room was opened up that the paranormal activity picked up the pace considerably.

One of the most noteable incidents happened on the second floor just a few weeks after the “new” rooms were found.

‘Room 39’ known to staff as the ‘Montrose Archive’ has a tricky door as it has no door handle. Once it is closed the lock essentially has to be picked to get it open again. After going up to the room to check on something, two members of staff accidently let the door close shut behind them and with no time to pick the lock the door remained closed for over two weeks before the archive was required again.

Upon opening the door it was discovered that a number of files and boxes had been strewn across the floor. The room was a tip and although never exactly neat and tidy it was certainly not left in that state before the door had been accidently closed.

As it turns out the mess became quite significant following the words of one of the mediums from The Ghost Club who paid us a visit recently (see story on page 19).

Staff members have also claimed that the atmosphere in the archive has become increasingly more “angry” and “unsettled” in recent weeks. Rarely does someone venture up there alone.

One of the more sinister encounters happened on an ordinary afternoon when two members of staff had gone to collect something from the upstairs area. By the time they had gone just halfway up the staircase the heavy door at the bottom (and only exit apart from the fire escape). slammed shut behind them. Understandably shaken a very quick exit was made through the fire escape.

Some readers may recall that we had previously had help from a local medium in clearing the building from spirits. Although the good effects of this lasted into the new year things began to turn strange again by the end of January and we realised we would have to call on outside help once again..

Contact with The Ghost Club (see page 19 for more information) started right back at the beginning of our ghostly troubles. We have kept in touch with investigation leader Derek Green in the months since and so the decision was taken to hold a full investigation into our building.

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Alternatively you can pop in to the office itself at 117-119 Castle Street.