Ghosts on film

INVESTIGATION NUMBER FOUR: Darren Wyllie of the Elite Paranormal Investigators during the fourth investigation into the Dispatch office.
INVESTIGATION NUMBER FOUR: Darren Wyllie of the Elite Paranormal Investigators during the fourth investigation into the Dispatch office.

WITH an increase in “supernatural activity” over the festive period, Dispatch and Herald staff were happy to welcome another paranormal investigation group to their offices last month.

Darren Wyllie and Vanessa Smith of the Elite Paranormal Investigation team travelled from their Edinburgh base for a night time investigation into the Castle Street office.

The team aim to research and document all paranormal activity. To do this they use scientific equipment rather than ouija boards or conducting seances.

Equipment used during the Dispatch investigation included video cameras, voice recorders, still cameras, motion detectors, digital thermometers and a laser grid.

The investigation took place in the archive, meeting room and editorial office - the main places where activity has been reported.

In recent months activity has included knocking, voices, strange behaviour by electronic equipment and, at Christmas, decorations being interfered with.

The most “infamous” of rooms in the building was the first port of call - Room 42. While little happened in the room itself noises such as shuffling and knocking could be heard coming from the hallway and the room down the hallway - Room 39.

At the time of the investigation it seemed little was going to happen in either of these rooms.

Down at the next level there was an anomaly with the electronic equipment where a stack of processors failed to give off any Electro Magnetic Fields - which would have been expected.

While little had happened up to this point, when the investigation moved to the training room more started to happen.

Some knocking was heard in response to questions asked and a voice seemed to come through on a voice recorder.

Darren and Vanessa left just before midnight with hours and hours of video footage and hundreds of photographs to wade through.

Soon after the investigation we received a report to say six items of evidence had been picked up over the course of the evening.

The name Sarah is picked up by tape.

Mumbling can be heard within Room 42.

A scream can be heard whilst everyone was downstairs in the base room.

A light anomaly moves towards the camera in Room 39.

Another light anomaly can be seen in Room 42.

A photograph of mist in the top left corner of Room 42.

Interestingly the knocks in response to questions from the investigators that took place in the meeting room seemed to suggest that the entity was female. The voices picked up on the recordings also seem to be female.

While the investiagtion was underway there also seemed to be a lot of dramatic fluctuations in temperature.

In Room 42, there was a baseline recording of 5.5 degrees which dropped to 1.6 in a very short amount of time.

The investigation report concluded: “It is in our opinion and from the evidence gathered that there is activity occuring at the Forfar Dispatch.

“However, without further investigation we are unable to determine if it is intelligent or residual in nature.

“We can confirm that we found or have no reason to suspect that anything within the building has intent on hurting or physically attacking anyone in the building.”

The team plan to return in the near future to conduct a follow-up investigation.

To view the video of the evidence collected visit the eliteparanormalinvestigators. 4574169494