Nominate your ‘Happy Hero’ for top award

When you’re feeling a bit low and down in the dumps there’s nothing better than a good laugh, a joke or just a friendly smile to cheer you up.

Scotland’s Happiness Day takes place on Saturday, November 2, and to mark the occasion Johnston Press Scotland has joined forces with Stress the Positive to launch the 2013 Smile Awards.

The Smile Awards celebrate the unsung happy heroes that exist in our lives and communities.

Now’s your chance to nominate and thank the people who help make a difference to your life by helping you to smile.

But who helps you to smile and feel happy? That’s the question posed by Kim Macleod of Stress the Positive.

She said: “ We all need positive people in our lives, taking time to thank them for being there helps to boost your happiness and theirs.

“The Smile Awards celebrate the unsung happy heroes that exist in our lives and communities.

“They could be your friend, your neighbour, a friendly shop assistant, the jolly refuse collector, your teacher or a member of your family.

“They may have helped you through a difficult time or just add to your happiness by their everyday actions.

“They could be compassionate, kind, community spirited, or full of fun and laughter.”

Kim, founder of Stress the Positive and the Happiness Club, teaches NLP and positive psychology techniques to handle difficult times and increase real life happiness.

She created Scotland’s Happiness Day in 2012 and was honoured for her work and presented with a Happy Hero medal at the House of Lords on the first United Nations International Day of Happiness in March this year.

Kim has first hand knowledge of how people can help you smile as kind family, friends and neighbours rallied round her family after her son Calum died from meningitis in 2007.

Their efforts made a real difference and inspired Kim to help others.

She said: “The people that you enjoy spending time with, the ones that leave you feeling upbeat and happy with a smile on your face make a difference to our lives.

“I was delighted to receive my Happy Hero medal and thought that it would be great to celebrate the happy people of Scotland, so the Smile Awards have been created to do exactly that.”

To mark this year’s Scotland’s Happiness Day, Kim is organising a special conference in Glasgow on Saturday, November 2.

She added: “Happiness Day is the positive event of the year promoting happiness and wellbeing in Scotland, with an emphasis on personal development, fun, compassion, kindness and community.

“I want to encourage people to get involved around the country by spending time with others, having fun and maybe even raising some money for charity.

“Our conference in Glasgow has a wide range of high quality speakers providing fun and laughter as well as practical tips on increasing happiness in life.

“We will be celebrating with our Smile Award winners and encouraging everyone to go out and spread their smiles and happiness.”

Now’s your chance to nominate someone in your life or community you think deserves a Smile Award.

Complete the form below and send it to: Smile Awards, Forfar Dispatch, Angus County Press, 117-119 Castle Street, Forfar DD8 3AH

You can also nominate someone for a Smile Award online at: