Sir, The comments by James Duguid regarding lorries in Kirriemuir is completely missing the point.

The series of photographs was not an attack on lorry drivers, it was showing the effect large numbers of delivery lorries would have on Kirriemuir if the proposal for a supermarket at the Gairie Works goes ahead.

Mr Duguid says he is 'confused about the point being made' - the point being made is that large numbers, for that is what there will be, of articulated lorries trying to get round the one way system 24 hours a day will cause a huge amount of disruption.

Large vehicles, whether buses or lorries, have to cross to the 'wrong' side of the road in many places in Kirriemuir to negotiate the various corners.

Siting a supermarket at Gairie Works would increase this by at least 1000% as it was stated that delivery lorries would use a back entrance to the works which would entail them having to drive through the centre of the town.

Mr Duguid is a Class 2 driver therefore, like me, he has never driven a Class 1 vehicle through Kirriemuir so is not qualified to comment on how easy or difficult it might be.

My husband, however, does have a Class 1 licence and driving through places like Kirriemuir with a class 1 lorry is not something 'you have to do in your test', the ability to do this comes only with experience.

Mr Duguid states that the lorry shown in the photographs is 'more for industrial estates' - wrong!

These are exactly the type of lorries used by supermarkets for deliveries. Supermarket goods come from a main hub and large articulated lorries are used to distribute goods to the shops. You only have to be in the Tesco car park to see that.

No-one was attacking lorry drivers, Mr Duguid.

We all know that lorries are used to deliver goods. We know how much we depend on drivers to get the goods to the shops. We do not need you to tell us.

Furthermore, Mr Duguid, you live in Forfar, you already have two large supermarkets and will probably soon have a third and therefore will not be affected by increased traffic or the location of any supermarket in Kirriemuir.

The whole Kirriemuir supermarket fiasco has been caused, in the main, by councillors who have no mandate to represent the people of Kirriemuir.

The only people who have any right to comment on this are the people who will be affected.

Yours etc.,

Irena Krasinska-Lobban,