New site is a hub of debate

THE brand new Forfar Dispatch facebook page has been a hub of debate over the course of its first week in action.

Visitors to the site have been discussing the big stories of the week and some lighter aspects of day-to-day life here in the town.

There has been a mixed response to the one-way system which was recently implemented in Castle Street with some wondering why it is even there and others pleased with the difference it has made.

Commenters have also voiced their support for the Kinnettles Wind Farm project which could potentially bring four 125m turbines to a site just outside of Forfar.

Ian Bishop said: “The use of green energy far outweighs anything else.”

Facebook members have also shown their support to their local team as Forfar Athletic embark upon the 2011/12 season.

All comments were positive ranging from the Loons reaching the play-offs, being in the top three to reaching promotion by Christmas!

We asked what kind of things local people like to do in and around Forfar in the summertime.

Many said that they like to take advantage of the better weather and go for a walk around local landmarks such as Forfar Loch and Balmashanner.

Some lamented the lack of a coffee shop at Forfar Lochside Leisure Centre and called for it to be brought back. It was also mentioned that the play park at the Leisure Centre could do with some improvements.

Joe Harkin said: “If we had a big park at the Leisure Centre then in the good weather we could go there, pop into the cafe (which is now closed) for a cup of tea and something for the kids, then there would be something to do in Forfar during the summer months.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “We have no plans at present to increase the size of the playpark at Forfar Leisure Centre, nor to re-open the coffee shop.

“We have provided vending machines for the use of leisure centre customers.”

It was also mentioned that the Reid Park would be a good place to spend a sunny day but due to broken glass and dog dirt some felt that it was best to be avoided.

Karen Roy said: “We would go to the Reid Park - only if there was no dog poo or broken glass!

“The Reid Park needs trampolines etc back like the “old days”. We usually go to the park at the loch but it’s a bit tired.

“Fairly often we go out of town to better parks.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council replied: “There is routine grass cutting maintenance of the Reid Park, when litter is also cleared. Parks officers and community wardens regularly visit the area to deter littering.

“Members of the public are asked to behave considerately and to use the dog waste and litter bins which are provided.

“There are currently no plans to reinstate facilities such as the trampolines at the Reid Park.”

We also asked local people how much they thought the town had changed in recent years and the response that the town had changed dramatically was unanimous.

Comments included support for the ‘no drinking’ zone in the centre of town which would put a stop to those using the cross as a place to drink during the day.

One mentioned the closure of the Royal Hotel last year as a huge blow to the town and added that the addition of a Wetherspoons to the area would be beneficial.

Some remembered the cinema at the leisure centre fondly and called for it to be brought back into place.

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