New season begins for Strathmore Speakers’ Club

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There was a grand turnout of 19 members for the first meeting of Strathmore Speakers Club at The Royal Hotel in Blairgowrie when all were welcomed by president Muriel Smith.

The Training Session was chaired by Jim Smith who introduced the first speaker, Bill Walker, who had chosen as his title ‘What would your father say?’ The purpose of the speech was to illustrate the use of the voice to convey his message and first-time evaluator Helen Fleming, impressed with his style and technique, awarded a pass.

Second was Helen Gordon-Wilson who chose an impromptu speech. She was given three subjects and 10 minutes to choose and prepare a six to eight minute speech. She chose ‘Care of the Elderly’. Jim Gibb, the evaluator congratulated her on her relaxed style which was enhanced by the absence of notes and was delighted to give her a pass.

The third speech was ‘My Great Dilemma’, given by Andrew Buist. It reflected the turmoil and dilemma of many in the room exercised by the referendum on Scotland’s future. He skilfully laid out the case on each side, adhering to the club regulation of no party politics.

The final part of the evening was a Topic Session led by David Howat. David had chosen new words which had not made it to the dictionary but were held in an archive to which he had access. Members were given two words and asked to explain what they thought they meant after two minutes’ preparation and with two minutes’ delivery.

Denise McTaggart started with ‘accordionated’. David Binnie explained ‘earworm’ very well and had a good stab at furgle. Hannah Williams tackled ‘nonversation’ and succeeded. Ron Harrow managed to get ‘peppier’ to be a French make of bicycle when in fact it is a waiter whose sole job is to offer pepper from a mill to diners. Andrew Brewster tackled ‘sprummer’ while Douglas Wares, grateful for his early Greek and Latin scholarliness, was last with ‘vidiot’ and ‘wikism’.

The next meeting is at Kirriemuir Golf Club on September 23 at 7.30 p.m.