New houses for Kirriemuir

MARYWELL Gardens in Kirriemuir is set to be revitalised.

The flats at number 49 are earmarked for demolition. And a plan, which is up for discussion by Angus Council, states that the flats will be replaced with two three-bedroom semi-detached houses.

The new houses will take the place of the existing 11 flats and will each have small gardens to the front and rear.

Currently, no objections have been raised by Scottish Water or the head of roads. However, the head of roads requires the submission of a drainage impact assessment for his approval before work can begin. This is due to instances of flooding in the area in the past.

So far one letter of objection has been received. This is on the grounds of inadequate car parking for the development which is in the most part caused by Elm Road residents parking in Marywell Gardens.

The applicants, Angus Council, state that the plans coincide with the Angus Local Plan Review.

It is also believed that the new houses will be more in keeping with the surrounding area than the current blocks of flats.

Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, said: “It is considered that the proposals will result in an improvement to the existing situation, in terms of scale, design and density.”

Mr Lowson also addressed the letter of representation. He said: “This parking area is for general parking and is not allocated to specific residential properties.

“In this respect, it would not be possible for the council to prevent parking in this area.”

He concluded: “The proposed works are considered to be in accordance with the legislative requirements and development policy criteria. There are no material reasons which would justify refusal of this application.”