Narrowest public footpath in UK?

DID you know that a narrow lane in central Kirriemuir is believed to be the narrowest public footpath in the United Kingdom?

The lane, situated between Grant’s Pend and Kirkwynd, is only 40 cms wide!

It is just one of a number of facts listed on the impressive new tourist information boards that have been erected in two of Kirriemuir’s car parks in time for the summer season.

The signs, in Bellies Brae and Reform Street car parks, have been installed by Angus Council, after quite a bit of input from Kirriemuir Heritage Trust.

Other interesting facts include the fact that Cumberland Close was named after the Duke of Cumberland, who was reputed to have stayed in the old Gairie Inn on that site after the Battle of Culloden and that 25% of Hawaiians of Scottish descent can trace their roots to the area around Kirriemuir as a result of emigration in the late 1800s.

Also, it is explained that John Ogilby, the cartographer and compiler of the earliest road atlas “Britannia”, was born in Kirriemuir in 1600.

All this information, together with a brief history of the town and information on nine local attractions – Glamis Castle, the glens, a memorial to Captain Scott and Dr. Wilson, Kinnordy Loch, Barrie’s Birthplace, the Square and Townhouse, the Walk of Fame and Millennium Fountain, the Den and Kirrie Hill, make up the eyecatching tourist information boards.