Museum to remain closed while options considered

The Angus Folk Museum will remain closed while the NTS considers its options for the building.
The Angus Folk Museum will remain closed while the NTS considers its options for the building.

One of Angus’s most popular tourist attractions will remain closed until its future can be decided by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS).

With tourist facilities preparing for the news season, the Angus Folk Museum at Glamis will remain firmly closed while a report into the buildings’ condition is prepared for examination by the trust’s board.

The museum has remained closed since the end of the 2014 season after a routine survey during the winter revealed problems with the fabric of the six 18th century cottages which form the museum buildings.

It followed a prolonged closure to the public throughout 2013 which was prompted by the danger posed by loose roof tiles. On that occasion the prolonged closure was partly because planning permission had to be sought for work on the listed structure to be carried out.

The museum occupies six 18th century cottages, which were occupied formerly by workers of the Earl of Strathmore’s estate, and houses one of the finest folk collections in the country.

It shows exactly how the country’s rural workforce used to live and the cottages constituted the domestic section, with its agricultural exhibits in the farm steading opposite.

The museum was founded by Jean, Lady Maitland who gave her collections to the nation in the 1950s.

Its collections were be moved to the House of Dun near Montrose, also an NTS property, last year for safekeeping.

A spokeswoman for the organisation said that the trust is currently considering its options for the museum.

She said: “The situation is that we are still working through an options appraisal. This will be presented to the board at its May meeting.

“Our aim in all of this is to ensure as many as people as possible can continue to enjoy access to this unique collection.”