MSP’s appointment to help arrest supply and sale of NPS

MSP Graeme Dey has been appointed to the Ministerial Cross-Party Working Group on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

The Group – which contains a member of each of the parties represented at Holyrood - met for the first time in Edinburgh recently.

Established by Community Safety Minister Paul Wheelhouse, the group has been set up to to consider interim measures that can be taken by Trading Standards Scotland to address the sale of NPS across the country.

An NPS Evidence Group, comprising representatives from health, enforcement, academia and the third sector was also estalished to collate data on NPS use in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is also working with the UK Government on the Psychoactive Substances Bill, published in May, which aims to tackle the sale and supply of NPS by banning the substances outright.

Mr Dey said: “The first get-together of the group provided all of us with a fascinating, if disturbing, insight into various aspects of NPS usage and its harms, along with an update on the steps being taken to respond.

“The presentations we received laid bare the scale and range of the challenges posed by the emergence of NPS.

“However, the will to co-operate across the political divide and between governments is undoubtedly there, a variety of things are being done to meet those challenges, and I look forward to playing some small part in helping to tackle the menace NPS poses to our communities.”