Moves to wind up Kirrie Prime Time

MOVES to wind up an organisation that has been ongoing for a decade will be taken in mid-January.

Readers will recall that, a the annual general meeting of Kirriemuir Prime Time, held at the beginning of last month, followed by a committee meeting in the middle of the month, no one came forward to fill the vacant positions of secretary and treasurer.

A member of the community learning and development department of Angus Council was present, as the group is under the umbrella of the local authority’s education department.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed by the committee members present that there was no possible way of running the group in its present form without a secretary and treasurer.

The group has been going for over ten years with great success and it was with a heavy heart that this decision was made.

“We were aware that many of the members would miss it greatly as we had not only given them a monthly social afternoon, but regularly had summer trips visiting places of interest and a monthly trip to places closer to hand,” explains a Prime Time spokesperson.

“Theatre and music outings were also organised. The art group and the craft group will still take place under their own auspices.”

Under the rules of the constitution the secretary must give notice of an extra general meeting of members, so the business can be officially wound up. This meeting of all members to be held in the committee room at Fairlie House on January 18 at 2 pm. A large turn out of members is hoped for.