More time needed for supermarket site

KIRRIEMUIR residents will have to wait a little while longer for a new supermarket to appear at the foot of Bellies Brae.

Although approval for the site was granted in November last year no work has yet been undertaken at the Gairie Works.

Due to a number of factors, including difficulties arising from it being a multi-level site, it could be a matter of months before work finally begins.

Bruce Weir, development director, said: “We are still working on the proposition and the planning application.

“It has proved to be more difficult than anticipated because it is a multi-level site and there are some listed buildings.

“It was because of this that we needed a little more time to prepare the scheme and make further investigations.

“We are making sure what we want to do is as detailed as can be, so yes, it has taken a wee bit longer than anticipated due to the complexity of the site.

“However, the scheme that is taking place is looking really good.”

Last year CWP Property Development and Investment was one of three developers appealing Angus Council decisions to refuse permission for superstores in the town.

Although a government reporter dismissed appeals from Guild Homes for a supermarket at Pathhead and by Muirhead Estates Limited for a new site at East Muirhead of Logie the site at Gairie Works was given the green light.

Approval was granted under a number of conditions that must be met including the existing building remaining unless council officials approve a photographic survey undertaken by the company.

Other conditions allow for the access to the site from Bellies Brae to be controlled by traffic signals, for bus stops and accompanying bus shelters to be provided on what is a busy route into the centre of town.

Upon granting the Gairie Works proposal government reporter Karen Heywood said: “I have concluded that there is substantial leakage in retail expenditure for Kirriemuir and no town centre site is available.

“The provision of the proposed food store at this location would support existing businesses in the town, provide modern shopping facilities and extend choice for residents in Kirriemuir and the surrounding rural area, reducing the need to travel elsewhere.

“It would, therefore, deliver significant benefits to the wider community.

“The provision of 200 full-time equivalent jobs would be a significant benefit to economic growth. The redevelopment of the redundant factory premises would also be beneficial to J. & D. Wilkie, a long established local manufacturing company, which has consolidated its operations into the factory in the east of the Gairie Works site.

“Although there are two other proposals for retail development in Kirriemuir which could also stem the leakage, the Gairie Works site is sequentially preferable to the sites at East Muirhead of Logie and Pathhead and I do not consider that retail development on those sites would have the same beneficial effects for the town centre.”