More power for Bield tenants

Tenants at the first meeting
Tenants at the first meeting

Angus tenants at Bield developments are to get a greater role in the running of the organisation thanks to ‘people power’ forums and a national improvement group.

Following an initial trial period, Let’s Meet - an innovative meeting structure - will be rolled out across the 23 local authorities in which Bield operates, providing a relaxed and open environment where tenants can raise issues important to them with the organisation.

Commencing from April 1, these sessions will move away from the more traditional methods of how meetings were held within developments, giving Angus locals the chance to tailor the agenda at their development.

Chris McShane, Tenant Engagement Officer at Bield, said: “Let’s Meet is specifically designed to enhance our approach to consultation and engagement, ensuring stronger communication between Bield and our tenants.

“This change in how meetings are held will help us continue to allow tenants in Angus to play a central role in the day to day running of the development and the feedback we provide afterwards will assure them that we are taking on board their opinions.”

Along with the introduction of ‘Let’s Meet’, Bield has strengthened engagement further at a national level with the creation of the Bield Improvement Group (BIG). This is a core group of 25 tenants who will be responsible for reviewing how Bield is performing, ensuring tenant’s views are heard at the highest level.

Formed and shaped after 12 months of consultation work, the BIG will look in detail at key areas of Bield’s service and put forward reports and recommendations to the Performance and Audit Committee and the Board.

Chris added: “We are proud to get the BIG up and running, particularly as it’s one that tenants have helped design themselves. The group will have genuine power to review areas of Bield’s performance and deliver their findings to the Board.

“With the introduction of BIG and the ‘Let’s Meet’ sessions, we are taking significant steps forward in our ongoing tenant engagement programme which will benefit both tenants in Angus and Bield in the longer term. We are excited to see how the group will progress over the coming months.

“As part of Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos we want tenants to be able to affect what goes on at the place they call home and with their landlord and we believe this is so important for their happiness and general wellbeing.”

Bield developments in Angus are Clyde Court in Arbroath (Very Sheltered Housing), South Port in Brechin (Retirement Housing), Kirkton Court in Kirriemuir (Retirement Housing), Greenbourne Gardens in Monifieth (Owner Services), Tay Court in Monifieth (Retirement Housing) and Carnegie Court in Montrose (Retirement Housing).