More patrols to deal with unruly youths

The closes leading off Cumblerland Close.
The closes leading off Cumblerland Close.

Police Scotland has issued an appeal after a growing catalogue of anti-social behaviour by youths in Kirriemuir town centre.

The group, aged between 12 and 16, have targeted the area around the Square and the adjoining closes.

They have thrown eggs at buildings, caused noise nuisance, have been littering, smashing bottles, ringing door bells and causing minor acts of vandalism.

They have also put themselves in danger by climbing on scaffolding.

The incidents have been reported over the last few months and Police Scotland and community wardens have increased patrols in the area.

Constable Scott Anderson, community liaison officer, told us: “A number of youths in the area have been traced and 13 letters have been sent by the community safety team to their parents and guardians, advising them their children have been traced in the area these incidents have occurred.

“We would encourage parents to enquire as to what their children have been up to and who they are with. We appreciate parents will not be fully aware of what the young people are doing.”

He explained the youths’ behaviour was causing distress to residents in and around the Square.

He continued: “Kirriemuir is normally a quiet, pleasant place for people to live in - the residents do not deserve to be subjected to such levels of anti-social behaviour.

“We appreciate this is the minority causing a bad reputation for the majority and that the majority are very respectful.

“We have increased our patrols over the last couple of months in the Square and the surrounding closes and have had a number of residents phoning in regarding the youths’ behaviour. On some occasions when residents have gone out to challenge them they have received verbal abuse which is causing upset to them.”