Mixed views on community campus

NEWS that Forfar Academy has been identified as the building most in need of replacement or upgrade by Angus Council has again sparked interest in any possible facilities which could be included at a new school, if and when funding is made available.

On our popular facebook site we asked our followers, if provision was to be made for a new swimming pool, leisure centre and all-weather pitch, would they like to see these all contained on one campus at the Academy.

Whilst Linsay McGechie said it “sounds a great idea!”, Karen Campbell warned that, whilst she was “all for” a new school and a new leisure centre, they shouldn’t be on the same campus.

She said: “My reason for this would be the facilities availability would be reduced during school hours as it is at Webster’s.

“But yes, upgrade of school, swimming pool and leisure centre all required.

“My friends all laugh when I say Chapelpark should be put to use for new leisure facilities, central location and going to waste because I go on about it all the time!”

The availability of the facilities to the public was also questioned by Bobbi Louise Murray who said: “Sounds good but would the school get priority of the swimming pool over members of the public or would there be set times that the school would get to use?”

Whilst Joe Harkin and Marley Laurie thought leisure facilities shouldn’t be at the Academy, Val Douglas asked: “Does it really matter where places are positioned in Forfar? We all have legs and buses which we can use.

“Wish the council would HURRY UP and make a decision, sick of hearing about it but the council are not saying they are actually going ahead with it!”