Mixed opinions on local health service

RECENTLY our Facebook page has been a hub of debate about how long it takes to get an appointment at the local doctors’ surgeries.

Many of you felt that it took far too long to get an appointment and it was also difficult to get seen to as soon as possible.

However, the argument was not at all one sided and many also stood up for the surgeries and felt they got an impeccable service.

Lynsey Smith said: “It’s a total joke especially when you have a child under one who is not well and they make you wait a few days for an appointment.”

Sharon Gray thought that her surgery worked better before they changed to a new system, she said: “I think they should go back to doing the pre-booked appointments it was a lot better, and I don’t think the receptionists need to know what’s wrong when that’s the doctor’s job!”

Hayley Cargill said: “The service here is appalling! I’ve lived abroad and here is the pits!”

Others had nothing but praise for the local surgeries. Kerry Fairlie said: “I am with Ravenswood and every time I have phoned for an appointment for myself or my son I have managed to get one for the same day, I cannot fault them. Also the receptionists are very friendly which helps.”

Fiona Bernard added: “Lour Road has been good for us. The receptionists are really nice and friendly and if you call early enough you can normally get an appointment that same day or the next day.”

Christine Gibson said: “I live in Kirriemuir and the Health Centre here is second to none. Brilliant doctors, nurses and reception staff and I’ve never any problem getting an appointment.”

Karen Smith agreed, she said: “My doctors’ surgery is in Kirrie and if I call first thing in the morning when it opens, 9 out of 10 times I can get an appointment on the same day. However, if I know I have to see the doctor in the near future, I will book in advance by a few days.”