Middle East conflict talk for Forfar and Letham Guilds

Forfar Guild.
Forfar Guild.

Forfar and Letham Guilds recently held an exciting joint meeting in Forfar.

The meeting, held on Wednesday, October 22, took place in Forfar East and Old Parish Church.

There around 50 members from the Guilds in attendance as the meeting’s guests gave an informative presentation about work done in Israel and Palestine, with background on the conflict.

Margaret Robertson from East and Old Guild welcomed Carol Findlay, Cathy Galloway, Keryn Banks and Val Brown to the meeting.

The group then illustrated what Church of Scotland World Mission, working with Christian Aid in the Middle East, does to foster justice, equality and peace between Israel and Palestine.

They gave a historical background to the border situation in Gaza and the West Bank and recounted first-hand harrowing stories of poverty, degradation and oppression in a continually war-torn land.

Keryn of the Ecumenical Accompanying Programme highlighted the plight of displaced Palestinians forced to queue daily at crossing gates simply to access employment.

The team then led the audience in a candle-lit prayer for Middle East peace that they hoped would be repeated each month.

Pictured: Esther Kidd and Margaret Robertson of East and Old Guild; Keryn Banks of the Accompanying Programme; Val Brown, Christian Aid Church Manager; Rev Barbara Ann Sweetin, Minister of East and Old; Cathy Galloway, Head of Christian Aid Scotland and Carol Findlay of WMC.