Michelle pens song in memory of her mother

A FORFAR woman has written a song for charity to raise money.

Michelle Mills (46) suffered the loss of her mother, Irene Tilley, in April, 2011.

The two diseases that killed her mother were Motor Neurone and Alzheimer’s.

Motor Neurone disease is a rare condition that progressively damages and attacks the nervous system, causing the muscles to waste away and Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia which causes a decline in the way your brain functions and affects your memory.

Michelle hopes that the single will raise money for charities that deal with the diseases her mother had.

The song is called ‘Alone Without You’ and she hopes it will help to ease any pain and also give hope to others who have gone through similar experiences.

The song will be recorded at the DD8 Studio in Kirriemuir and she is able to use it for free because it is for charity.

Michelle said that writing the song in memory of her mother had helped her through the grieving process as it is about the emotions of losing her mother and also how Michelle is feeling without her.

She described her mother as both “generous” and “humble” and said how much she had given to society.

Irene travelled a lot to South Africa to help charities there and she was a Christian lady who did a lot of things for charity.