Meeting hears of “six years of hell”

The end of six years of misery for residents in East Sunnyside was discussed at this month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council.

Members welcomed the news that a drug addict had been evicted from her flat in East Sunnyside earlier in the month - the second such eviction in recent weeks.

Residents from the troubled area had attended several meetings of community council over the years in a desperate attempt to find a solution to the problem.

They had spoken of round-the-clock dealings which had left them feeling extremely vulnerable in their own homes.

Addressing last Thursday’s meeting chairman Mrs Isobel Ross said she had been in contact with one resident following the eviction.

“She said they had had six years of hell and that they were now all enjoying a very welcome respite. That’s a long time, but I would like to think this will serve as some sort of deterrent to other people who are in the same situation.”

Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton praised the residents for their work with the statutory organisations over the years, stating it was “dreadful” what they had had to put up with.

However, she questioned the current legislation which basically meant the tenant who had been evicted could, technically, apply again to Angus Council to be accommodated.

Councillor Middleton said: “Everybody needs a roof over their head, but I just wish there was another system. I think it is somehow wrong that someone who could cause so much misery and upset, who is eventually evicted, can then be accommodated by the same council that has applied to have them evicted.”

Acknowledging the frustrations the current legislation has for all involved, Chief Superintendent Kevin Lynch, Divisional Commander with Tayside Police stressed the agencies involved could only work within the current legislation. He said: “However, no-one should have to suffer for six years and we have to fast track the process, make things far more slick with decisions made far earlier,”