Meeting hears case for independence

Mike Weir addresses the audience at Friday's talk.
Mike Weir addresses the audience at Friday's talk.

Around 50 people attended a meeting in the Guide Hall, Forfar, recently to hear the case for an independent Scotland.

The speakers at the event were local SNP MP Mike Weir and former Green Party MSP Shiona Baird.

Each speaker was given five minutes to put their case to the audience, after which the floor was opened to audience members to ask questions, offer their own points of view and engage in discussion with the speakers and other members of the community.

The questions covered a range of topics, including cross-border pensions, the future of the pound in an independent Scotland and the country’s role within Europe.

Far and away the most popular topics were fairness in society, democracy and the potential for an improved relationship with the rest of the UK after independence. Other topics that had the audience talking included jobs, increasing voter participation and economics.

Juliette O’Keeffe, who chaired the meeting, said the evening had gone well with enthusiastic participation from the speakers and audience members.

She continued: “There was a real buzz in the Guide Hall with a range of age groups and political backgrounds represented, showing that when people get the chance to talk politics in a safe situation, they really take the opportunity.”

It followed a similar meeting held recently in Northmuir Hall, Kirriemuir, where a broad spectrum of views about the forthcoming referendum was represented.