Major facelift for Letham church

The congregation of Dunnichen, Letham and Kirkden Church are preparing to move into temporary accommodation as workmen move in to completely renovate the building in the first of two improvement projects.

After many years of talking, planning and praying the Letham Church Project is about to start which will give the church a completely new look.

This Sunday will be the last day in the church in its present form as contractors move in on Monday to completely change the look and layout.

Bert Reid, treasurer explained: “The project aims to create a welcoming, user-friendly, comfortable and flexible place for worship.

“Gone will be the pews, the sloping floor and the heating pipes. In their place will be comfortable seats, a level floor and efficient heating.

“New lighting and audio systems, a single entrance vestibule, fire exits, an access ramp, accessible toilet, a modern kitchen and redecoration are all included in the project”.

Work will take around 16 weeks and during that time, Sunday morning worship will be in the village hall.

The time of the service and of the Sunday Club will remain at 10.30 am.

On the one or two Sundays when the village hall is not available, advance notice will be given on the notice board at the church, at the Sunday services and in “In the PICTure”.

The monthly evening services will be held in the church hall and organisations will be able to continue to meet there during the renovation work.

It is hoped members of the community will go along and attend services, both in the village hall and in the fully refurbished church, once the work on phase one has been completed.

Phase two, which will concentrate on replacing the church hall, will not commence until the funds are in place and, as this will cost in excess of £300,000, there are many more years of fund raising ahead for the church

A warm welcome from the congregation is always guaranteed no matter what the location.