Loons Lottery just rolls on!

THE Loons Lottery is about to mark another major milestone in fund-raising by chalking up its 600th week of offering a jackpot prize ranging between £500 and £3,000.

The lottery scheme was introduced by Forfar Athletic Football Club some eleven and a half years ago, to boost the coffers of the club and offer a means of easy regular finance to a range of community groups.

In that time local clubs and organisations have benefited to the tune of over £250,000.

The concept is simple. Forfar Athletic take care of all the administration and offer participating groups a 50-50 split on all Lottery tickets sold.

At present there are some 40 groups in the Forfar-Kirriemuir area benefiting on a weekly basis from the sale of Lottery tickets.

Local sports clubs include Forfar Albion, Forfar West End, Lowson United, Letham Lads Club, local boys club organisations, Forfar Golf Club, Strathmore Cricket Club, Canmore Bowling Club, Forfar Indoor Bowling Club and the Forfar Pool League.

Other groups range from the Angus Three-Way Fund-raisers, Lunanhead Lunch Club and Viewmount Voices to Jubilee Court sheltered housing complex, Jack & Jill’s Elite Nursery and Chimes Playgroup.

All these organisations sell tickets each week, and gain a regular income to boost funds.

For example, Angus Three-Way Fundraisers have benefited to the tune of £2,000, while Jubilee Court sheltered housing complex has received a four-figure boost to the comfort fund.

The £1,000 raised by Viewmount Voices has helped fund general improvement schemes, while Lowson United has seen ist funds boosted by £2,000.

The Forfar Boys Club Under-13 side took on the sale of regular Loons Lottery tickets as a means of financing a spring trip to Blackpool.

The youngsters will be competing in the Blackpool Cup in May and, in the five months as acting as agents for the lottery, the funding for the trip has been boosted to the tune of £1,000.

“We have decided that even after our trip to Blackpool is over we will keep on the lottery agency and continue to fund-raise through the sale of tickets,” explains coach Jim Douglas.

“The prospect of raising over £2,000 a year for our team is too much to give up.

“The rewards are high for very little effort from each team member. The added bonus for us, being involved in youth football in Forfar, is the fact that our efforts are also going towards helping Forfar Athletic with its ongoing fund-raising efforts.”

Of course, the Loons Lottery co-ordinator, Forfar Athletic club director Dennis Fenton, is keen to enlist even more local groups wishing to become partners in the fund-raising venture.

Each week there is the opportunity for someone in the locality to win a number payouts which, until it is won goes from a minimum of £500 to a maximum of £3,000.

And, each week there are no jackpot claimants, there are five consolation prizes of £20 awarded.

If becoming a Loons Lottery partner appeals to your local group or organisation contact Dennis Fenton at Forfar Athletic Football Club.

From the moment you join up you could be earning regular easy money for the effort of collecting, selling and returning Loons Lottery tickets on a weekly basis.

As Aleksandr Orlov the meerkat would say – Simples!