Local woman is doing all she can to help

Gail Brown with her four dogs, some of which were rescued from Romania.
Gail Brown with her four dogs, some of which were rescued from Romania.

Dog-lover Gail Brown, from Tealing, has called on other local people to help alleviate the suffering of stray Romanian dogs.

Gail, who has rescued her dogs from the ‘Any Dog’ll Do’ rescue centre in Edinburgh, is seeking to raise awareness of what is happening to stray dogs in Romania and what animal lovers over here can do to help.

A statement on the ‘Any Dog’ll Do’ website says: “The problem of stray dogs has existed since the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in the city replaced the traditional houses with garden condominium blocks.

“Thousands of dogs, which were mostly used for guarding property, were abandoned en masse. Hardly any of these dogs were sterilised and they reproduced en masse.

“In the decades that followed, the situation became out of control.

“In 2001 the mayor of Bucharest gave the order to ensnare and kill stray dogs in 40 days.

“The decision quickly became law in November 2002 and was applied to the whole territory of Romania.”

However, the killing of these dogs is rarely humane, and the fact that money is offered to those who kill stray dogs is causing even greater problems.

Gail said: “Even household pets are being targeted.

“I have heard of one woman’s dog being shot right in front of her.”

She continued: “And people over there who are trying to help the dogs are being attacked themselves.

“The situation is out of control.”

And so a number of local people have taken it upon themselves to adopt stray dogs from Romania via ‘Any Dog’ll Do’ in Edinburgh.

A sponsored walk is planned for the near future. Keep an eye on the paper for more details.

For more information on Romanian dogs, the situation with strays and how you can help them visit www.anydogildorescue.org